Ch 8:  Program Guide for Wednesday
12:00 AMEat Well And Be Happy
12:30 AMConscious Living
1:00 AMThe Smart Movie Show
2:00 AMThe Corner Gallery
2:30 AMThe Chico And Bman Show
3:00 AMThe Power Station
4:00 AMMultiplicity
4:30 AMCooking And Kids
5:00 AMLiving Healthy
5:30 AMFinding The Good Life
6:00 AMLife Church Service
7:30 AMEat Well And Be Happy
8:00 AMCrossroads Church Service
9:00 AMRecipes For Life
9:30 AMThe Corner Gallery
10:00 AMLets Get Fit
11:00 AMConscious Living
11:30 AMThe Chico And Bman Show
12:00 PMImmanuel Lutheran Church
1:00 PMThe Smart Movie Show
2:00 PMEat Well And Be Happy
2:30 PMYankee Girl TV
3:00 PMFriendship Set To Music
4:00 PMThe Mo Jazz Festival
5:00 PMFinding The Good Life
5:30 PMThe Chico And Bman Show
6:00 PMImmanuel Lutheran Church
7:00 PMLife Church Service
8:30 PMLiving Healthy
9:00 PMThe Smart Movie Show
10:00 PMFinding The Good Life
10:30 PMRecipes For Life
11:00 PMRagtime And All That Jazz
*This schedule is valid as of 3:28 PM on Monday, August 3, 2020 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.